I'm Dr. Manjoo Shree

I am a clinical Psychologist and an internationally certified Life Resilience Coach. I am also 2 times record holder on Asia Book of records and I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Young adults and women achieve Emotional mastery using Rapid transformation therapy and I'm the founder of the Lifeolicious Tribe!

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Manjoo Shree born in 1981 is a published author, Clinical psychologist with honours, and internationally-certified life transformation coach. She is on a mission to let young adults and women live with a genuine sense of happiness and joy, free from fear and anxiety caused by the threat of distress, limiting beliefs and rooted emotions. She is India’s top 25 women entrepreneurs in 2022 ( Great companies inc ) as the CEO of Lifeolicious which is a global coaching academy headquartered in India.

Author of Life Parachute

A self help book for children for the first time in India.

What People Say About The Book


This book is lively and engaging. It is a must-read. The quality of the questions is amazing. The book puts you in a space of your own. It is much needed to go and work yourself through this book when we have been occupied with our fast-paced life of ours.

— Akshay Dalvi


'Life Parachute' by Manjoo Shree, first of its kind work book in India, is an interactive activity book to parachute safe landings in one's life through loving one's own self.

— Latha Rajasekar


This book “Like Parachute” by ManjooSree is a must read for every individual, as it’s an interactive activity based book which makes you self introspect on life hurdles and helps you gain better perspective. 

— Roshan Sequeira


Manjoo Sree's "Life Parachute" is exactly what the title says. The Book Guides you towards a connection with yourself in the first Hand and clearly the Importance of Self-esteem!

— Kavitha Parameswaran


This book was gifted to my daughter by a close family friend. My daughter loves the book and has been filling each page with much enthusiasm and vigour. A huge thanks to Manjoo Shree. I was about to order a copy myself when someone we know gifted it to my daughter.

— Dee


The book is roughly 50 pages, but the most powerful 50 pages you will ever go through. Written in simple language, the book has little exercises for you and as you go through these 50 pages, you head on to your journey of "worrier to warrior! "

— Sushant


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