I'm Dr. Manjoo Shree

I am a clinical Psychologist and an internationally certified Life Resilience Coach. I am also 2 times record holder on Asia Book of records. I'm on a mission to help 100,000 Young adults and women achieve Emotional mastery using Rapid transformation therapy and I'm the founder of the Lifeolicious Tribe!

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Manjoo Shree born in 1981 is a published author, Clinical psychologist with honours, and internationally-certified life transformation coach. She is on a mission to let young adults and women live with a genuine sense of happiness and joy, free from fear and anxiety caused by the threat of distress, limiting beliefs and rooted emotions. She is India’s top 25 women entrepreneurs in 2022 ( Great companies inc ) as the CEO of Lifeolicious which is a global coaching academy headquartered in India.

Author of Life Parachute

An Amazon bestseller for the first time in India - a self help book for children aged 8+ , this remarkably effective virtual transformation program will walk you through advanced strategies for starting your day beautifully so-

> your positivity soars in the face of negativity and turbulence

>you x3 your current grade of productivity

>you feel stronger and more peaceful than you have in ages—your finest energy, fitness and vitality awakens

Oh, and the price will blow your mind! A fantastic online learning program and a tiny price!.

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