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Passionate Leader,

University of Illinois


I absolutely love the energy that is brought with every session. Every word just makes sense and fits perfectly, it’s really easy to understand as well. And the singing! What incredible singing 😍 Our school was definitely floored by her wise words and of all sessions we’ve attended, this was the one that made us laugh and think the most. I can speak on behalf of every Girl Up CIRS student when I say that it was absolutely marvellous. You’re missing out if you aren’t involved with Lifeolicious!

Neha dhariwal

Ladies circle India


I flipped through the book... no deep words to assimilate.. they are just pictures with as few words as possible.. This is going to be a cakewalk.. ! or so I thought.. until I got down to doing it. those little words written on the sheets made me look deep into myself.. made me pause n rethink and somewhere I got stuck .. But Manjoo was always there to give the little nudge.. to give the little push that was needed here n there.. ! Manjoo is fantabulous and is very responsive to our needs..the personal touch she gives with the personal video call was a fabulous one. Thank u Manjoo and Life Parachute for the amazing self-realization..!

Ezhilya Venkat

Head of Media 

Suryan FM, Sun Network


Manjoo Shree's hustle harder workshop was one of the best I've ever spent.... Hustle harder -useful, insightful, entertaining, and memorable!!!
Could sit listening to her song all day ❤️

Shradha Gupta Khandelwal

Area Chairperson, 

Ladies circle India


I met u for the first time at Nagpur... the way our president Nidhi was praising u.. I knew u are very special.. but somehow did not get any time last year for this amazing course... glad I did this time... it was a beautiful journey discovering our own selves.... we don't know that what we really want... what we really care for... writing.. thinking.. rethinking... let us give time to ourselves and gives a lot of clarity... Manjoo, I loved the coaching call... You are a patient listener and yes a great problem solver too... thank u for everything...
we both have a firm belief in Bhagwan Krishna...

Rakhi Agarwal

CEO - Valour events


You did it!!! Thank you lifeolicious for the beautiful fun-filled learning experience, it was a wonderful journey#Behind the Mask🎭theatre workshop for women. just loved it n looking forward to many more......n Thanks for the endless hours of motivation n guidance♥️♥️love u Manju😘😘

Tr Jay Prakash

Head of dramatics



Lifeolicious is an awesome gathering for a positive cause I am so loving it 😊 members of Lifeolicious are people who bounced from rock bottom, everyone is very motivating and lovely.
Happy experiencing Lifeolicious moments

Kavitha Parameswaran

House Wife


Manjoo Shree's "Life Parachute" is exactly what the title says.
The Book guides you towards a connection with yourself firsthand and clearly towards the importance of Empowering Self Esteem and Self Love.
I would strongly recommend Life Parachute to my Fellow beings!!!

Harikuttan Raj

Fitness Trainer- Multifit


Manjoo Sree is a brilliant coach and trainer whose compassion, understanding and patience give her the advantage to become successful in the coaching industry. Her empowering support for us around only displays her mastery of the coaching profession.
Through her mentoring and positive support of my coaching skills, I strengthened my own coaching ability which empowered me to believe that I can accomplish whatever dream I choose for myself in the Training industry.

Manohar Chugani

CEO - Woolen store, Ooty


With Manjoo Shree's help, I've been able to get my life heading towards a much more positive path. I am grateful for what she has helped me become in the past year. Looking forward to bettering myself with Manju's help.
I would recommend lifeolicious to ANYONE ANYDAY!!
PS. I don't think any review will help as much as actually experiencing what lifeolicious has to offer.

Kavitha Janarthanan

Founder- Ini Oru Vidi Seyvom


Manjoo and team you guys are simply doing an awesome job by touching and healing many life’s through lifeolicious May you continue to uplift many more and more positivity and power to you loads of love and hugs keep rocking!

Archana Gupta

CEO - Archies shopping


Words are not enough dear Manjoo for the opportunity and platform you have given me. Your support and motivation through 'Your Portrait' have surprised me with my potential and have given me a drive force of positive energy in me!!
Keep spreading the good work.
Love you loads

Sunitha Atinus

Life surviver


Lifeolicious, Manjoo and team, brilliant way to connect at the command of the universe... Thanks much for that warmest love and a feeling that made us feel * we know you forever*. We need to do this more, I'm inspired to follow and be lifeolicious darling! team, you all gorgeous people, love the spirit and soulfulness you share with each other cheers, Just the way you are...

With the biggies in our industry from artists to authors to racers!

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Mastin Kipp


Manoj Vasudevan


Ruzbeh Barucha


Jayanti Murali


Narain Karthikeyan


John Fernandes




Neerja Malik




Dr Rajasekhar




Meenakshi Sai


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